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An outsized injustice would be legalizing gay marriages in the United States. There are many controversial ways and sides of the issue dealing with gay marriage being legal. Here are the pros for the issue: Gay marriage would help the economy of the state, the number of adoptions would increase, marriage is a union between two people who love each other, and, gay marriage will not undermine the US. The cons of the issue at hand are as follows: Gays and lesbians can’t be on the same health plan, some states accept it but not to the extent, (domestic partnerships), and, some believe that homosexuality is a sin.

       Gay marriage will help with the states economy because, in the state of Minnesota they had legalized gay marriage and it has increased their tourism rate. By boosting the tourism rate, it enhances the economy by the money the tourists spend. According to Gary Gates from,  "If you have this much tourism revenue, it supports this many jobs in the states. So we argue if you get this much additional tourism revenue, then you would expect this many additional jobs." This quote fits under the topic because; if you don’t have jobs for people then the economy won’t grow. Jobs make up the economy, in other words, no jobs no money.

       The number of adoptions would go up because, like the heterosexuals, some homosexuals want to have a family. With some out of control teenagers having unprotected sex babies are being born and the teens can’t take care of them, then the child/ren would either have no homes or go to the adoption center. “Since gay couples cannot have kids naturally, this will likely increase the desire to adopt.” Says Joe Messerli. Every child deserves to have a place to call home instead of the streets where they could get into serious trouble. People do not want offspring to be on the streets where gangs and drugs lie out and scope for their next victims. To rebut this Joe also says, “However, others believe a child reared in a same-sex marriage do not develop ideally.”

       According to the online dictionary the definition of marriage is the state, condition, or relationship of being married. People think that gays should not be married because they practice homosexual sodomy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with have a sexual relationship with someone that you really love and want to be with the rest of your life. If people don’t realize that homosexuals are here and want to be able to marry one another then those people need to stop living in a dreamland and wake up to reality.
(rebuttal later).

       On the con side people start to think about gay marriage and not being able to be on the same health insurance as their significant other. An article on it talks about a lesbian couple who were married. If one of them became ill the other wouldn’t be able to see them in the hospital. Many gays and lesbians want to be with that special someone. What if the laws have changed and said that if you were married to the opposite sex and told you that you couldn’t see that person in the hospital? How would that make you feel? People would say that this is unfair and that the gays and lesbians are still fighting for their rights.

       When homosexuals come out to the church, some of the churches won’t accept the gays and lesbians as members because of who they are. It’s not their fault for being who they are. These types of churches think that homosexuality is a sin and therefore should go to hell. However, other churches are open to the gay and lesbian communities and welcome them with open arms. Some homosexuals would inquire, “If God hated homosexuality, then why did he create it?” There still isn’t a reasonable answer for that question yet. On they state, “Marriage is a religious ceremony.” Yes, indeed it is, but people need to think that there are gay Christians around the world. Even some priests are homosexual and they preach about God all day long.

       Homophobes would most likely say that the homosexual culture would undermine the US. This is a wrong fact. “Gay marriage will undermine US Society: See the State of Massachusetts. Gay marriage has been the law there for nearly 2 years. There has been NO destruction of society there. The streets are not running with blood, the sky is not falling - life goes on!” says Massachusetts is still doing fine as the quote had said. Why can’t they understand that this culture has not put a downfall into anyone’s economy?

       To reiterate the pros of gay marriage are: gay marriage will help the economy, the number of adoptions would take a rise, gay marriage wouldn’t undermine the US, and, marriage is a union of two people who care deeply about one another. The cons of the matter are: homosexuals can’t be on the same insurance plan, some countries and states accept homosexual marriage but not to it’s full potential.
I wrote this last year for the simple reason that I feel very strongly that just one day maybe the world will see homosexuals like everyone else and allow them to marry the person who love most in this world. I don't think that it matters whether or not the orientation of the person or not. As long as love is there, why should it matter?
imagipix Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009
Again, good points. I would always think the norm should be to encourage people to enter into relationships that are "bonded" civilly, legally, etc. Again, it's a homophobia issue (in mt opinion). I also think that there is a fear out there that there are actually more gay people in the world than many believe and legalizing gay unions will encourage them to be more open about their sexuality.
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